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Cat in the Hat is a party that started in “Cosmic Kaspar”, the basement of Mein Haus Am See.

This is your life, make every second legendary

I have an addiction, an addiction to tech house, I like to live by a few small positive “rules” so once a month I throw a party to support this addiction, this is called Cat in the Hat and is located in Cosmic Kaspar!

I change the dJs monthly, I choose only DJs who can deliver a special vibe to the party goers, I like to choose underground DJs who have massive talent but are not getting enough credit for there hard work, this gives them a chance to show their skills off.

Once you come and hear the sounds, feel the vibes and atmosphere, you, then will be addicted!
See events for future parties.

Upload your own DJ sets

If you want to upload a DJ set of your own to be added to my website, send me an email and if I think it fits “mwmusic” I will up load this.

A small booking agent

I am a small booking agent, who has hand picked a couple of DJs I love, you will find these DJ under the “My Djs Bookings” tabs, you will find their profiles and music, if you wish to book one, please contact me.


Once you subscribed to “mwmusic” you will get the first invitations to all the underground events I promote and a new hand picked DJ set emailed directly through to you once a week.

You will find DJ sets from all over the world under the “DJ set” tab, feel free to stream these when ever you please!

Cats and Dogs Charity

I like to make the impossible possible!

So I also have a charity page for homeless dogs from across the world. You will find this here: homelessdogs.mwmusic.club

100% of the profit goes towards the dogs and once I reach the 50k goal I will go to the countries where I feel the dogs need me the most and make shelters for food. I will get the locals involved so when I am not their they can look after the shelters. (this site is currently under construction)

DJ Sets

Solstice Pt. 1/2

by Daeko - Sydney, Australia

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